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Why Arawak Farm®?

  • Read the label: Minimally processed, clean labels, with all natural ingredients and no preservatives … just full flavor.
  • Next Gen Spicy Condiment: If you’re tired of using boring hot sauce, upgrade your condiment game with unique favor profiles that deliver the “sweet before the heat.”
  • Northern California sourced and manufactured.
  • Family owned & operated.
  • All about the flavor. We’re not going to sell you salt! Not going to sell you sugar! Not going to sell you dyes! JUST FLAVOR!!!!!

Product Characteristics

  • Clean legible label
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Minimally processed
  • Low sodium
  • Low Sugar
  • Quality packaging
  • Northern California sourced and manufactured
  • Family owned & operated


  • Taste the SWEET before the HEAT
  • Beyond the boring traditional hot sauces
  • Next Gen Spicy Condiments
  • Enhanced creative culinary skills
  • Treat your family and friends!


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