Real Ingredients

For Real Flavor

Purple Thai Quick Salad

A colorful salad with a fruitful zest!

Korma On Down

A colorful salad with a fruitful zest!

Classic Arawak Farm® Vinaigrette

A colorful salad with a fruitful zest!

Beef Stew

A colorful salad with a fruitful zest!



Definition:   an animal that feeds on meat. 

Meat lovers Rise Up!  No shaming here! 

Our Arawak Farm® sauces, rubs, and spreads enhance your favorite seafood, poultry, beef, pork, and game.  Whether grilling, roasting, baking, and sautéing, our products tenderize and marinate while adding flavorful spicy notes. 



Definition: An animal that feeds on plants.  

Far be it for us to describe you as an animal, but for the sake of argument… 

If you enjoy your Vegetables, Salads, Tofu and other leafy delectable, Arawak Farm® has a variety of products that enhance their simplicity without diluting their nutritious value! 

The following recipes will provide you without some old favorites, some exciting new adventures and some that might make you scratch your head!



Definition:  Those who like to DRINK!!!! 

Yes … that is a real term.  We trademarked it. 

Arawak Farm® products uniquely enhance your alcoholic or non-alcoholic libations.  Everything from our Kale Martini to our Power Smoothies, these recipes will deliver tingly sensation to your tongue…with a surprising touch of heat!


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